Three years ago, I mustered up the courage to leave behind a promising career in the interior design industry in order to pursue my passion for photography. As you can imagine, the amount of resistance I faced when I made that fateful decision was disheartening, to say the least. I was told time and time again, that photographers don’t earn a lot and that only very few are able to make a living out of it. But to me now, photography is not just a means of livelihood but a passion. Documenting moments and imprinting love stories is what I enjoy doing and I have not once regret the decision that I have made. My love for interior design remains, and the knowledge and skills have not gone to waste at all. At some point along the way, I was inspired to bring my clients’ wishes to life by re-creating spaces and set-ups with props. This is where the interior designer in me kicks in.

Looking back, I never would have imagined that I could combine my passion with my profession. This has become a trademark of JCP.  To me, being able to relate to my clients is most essential; understanding their stories and emotions in order to allow the photos to be able to tell their story forever after the moment. To see their happy and satisfied faces when they go through the photos is my greatest joy and honor. The twists and turns in my life have pushed me and molded me to become the photographer that I am today. I would say that my journey is only just beginning, and so I always remind myself to savor the moment and let my passion and ambition unfold.

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