Carlman & Vivian

It was a lovely 12 degrees in Seoul on the day that I was scheduled to shoot with Carlman and Vivian. The sun was shining so brightly, and the weather was just perfect. I couldn’t wait to start shooting! Mom and I left for Deoksu Palace one hour before the shoot so that we could grab some breakfast before the long day ahead. We settled on a warm and delicious bowl of udon nearby the location of our shoot. The interior of Deoksu Palace was so stunning that I could barely contain my excitement. I kept arranging and rearranging the bouquet of flowers that I had brought with me while waiting for the sweet couple to arrive. As soon as they came, we took some test shots and were all set to start shooting. Carlman and Vivian are such an easygoing and hip couple, and are so much fun to work with! Vivian matched her dress with a pair of sneakers while Carlman had his shades on for almost the entire duration of the shoot. Probably the only time he didn’t have his shades on was at our final location at Ehwa University right before sundown. They were absolutely in their own element, decked out in their own style and character which is what we wanted to achieve in the first place. Check out all their cool shots below!


with love, Jane

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