Sheng & Nyssa

Penang is a beautiful island full of tradition and heritage. As a student, my class was assigned to discover Georgetown and draw sketches of the architecture and designs we observed. It was a wonderful opportunity to be back in Penang again, but this time to celebrate the marriage of one of my childhood friends, Nyssa and her groom, Sheng. Nyssa had asked me to document the tea ceremony and I said yes without any hesitation. They certainly chose the right Malaysian state to celebrate their wedding. I could tell each of their guests enjoyed exploring and all the ‘makan’ in Penang (Air Itam asam laksa is the best!).

Sheng and Nyssa held their tea ceremony in a traditional Peranakan home. I loved all the details of the architecture and design of the space; like the courtyard, Chinese blackwood furniture and even the colourful ceramic tiles. The tea ceremony was a time for Sheng and Nyssa to learn how to address each of their family members as they welcomed each other to the family, as well as for them to show their respects to their elders.

As the tea ceremony began and I started to shoot, more family members continued to arrive so the house was full of warmth and chatter. Here are the photos from this joyful celebration!


with love, Jane.

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